Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quilting B

I try to not be materialistic, but sometimes it’s impossible for me not to sentimentalize an object. If you ask yourself, “What would I grab and bring with me if my house were on fire?” and consider it, I think you could gauge your level of materialism. You’d also hopefully notice how many valuable things you have in your life because of your emotional attachment to them, and how easily some things can symbolize a person or an idea.

The first thing I’d grab is the quilt my grandmother made for me when I went off to college. It’s black and white triangles in a really simple linear pattern. It looks quite handmade, but it also looks incredibly modern. When I moved from a twin bed in the dorms to a full size bed, it seemed like the quilt was getting a bit small, and now that I sleep on a queen size bed, it doesn’t cover the sheets. Those cotton pills are forming on it, so I think I have to stop washing it or start repairing it.

Since she’s no longer with us, I don’t know if I am qualified to repair this quilt. Mimi was a perfectionist beyond perfectionism, and I know that she’d be furious if I did a shoddy job on it. I suppose I will have to leave it as is and let it age with me throughout my life, reminding me of one of the most important women in my entire life.

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